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Mesin Ada 6 produk.

We are proud to offer you our hi-tech original goods. The products of our store are the real bestsellers and we have a great number of faithful customers. Their testimonials prove that the reputation of our company is simply perfect. We observe the policy of providing only branded commodities. This fact confirms that we sell only high quality goods at a fair price.

  • KENKO Mesin Jahit Karung Portable Electric Bag Closer Sewing Machine GK9 - 2
    Rp 590.000

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  • TYPICAL Mesin Jahit Karung Portable Bag Closing Sewing Machine NP - 7A
    Rp 1.200.000

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  • HI-CON Gerinda Duduk Bench Grinder 5" inch 125mm 120watt PT0001
    Rp 300.000

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  • CHEFER Gas Egg Hotdog Roll Panggangan Sosis Telur SOSTEL
    Rp 2.600.000

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  • RYOBI Mesin Circular Speed Saw 5,5" 140mm MW-14
    Rp 400.000

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  • MAESTRO C55 Meat Grinder Mesin Gilingan Daging
    Rp 600.000

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